There’s no doubt that June is the most colorful month of the year, and as it comes to an end, we want to recap all things Pride! From storefront displays to events and rainbow crosswalks, we love to see the ways that Whyte Avenue celebrates Pride Month. And just as love knows no boundaries, you’ll see rainbow flags flying high and the support flowing throughout the year in our community.


Probably the most color-filled event in Whyte Avenue, Fruitloop’s Pride Block Party was something to behold. With drag, distilleries, and dancing, Grindstone Theatre provided a great venue and safe space for 2SLGBTQ+ folks who wanted to have a good time.


If you’ve noticed a little more color on 104 Street, it’s because folks meet on Pride Corner every Friday to share love and support for 2SLGBTQ+ communities. Did you know that Edmonton’s first pride march was on Whyte Avenue? Our neighbourhood has long been a destination for protests, marches, and rallies and Pride Corner organizers are here every week to push back against hate speech, adding their story to the evolution of the LGBTQ movement in Edmonton.


Stores in Old Strathcona showed support for pride with their creative window displays. From the Next Act to When Pigs Fly, the storefront displays this year are on another level, and we love to see it. Take a peek at our pride display reel to get inspiration.


Pride crosswalks first showed up in our city back in 2015, with the first ones being painted right here in Old Strathcona. These crosswalks have since been introduced in many neighbourhoods around the city and are a welcome symbol of inclusivity. You’ll find these colorful crosswalks on 82 Avenue at 100 St, 101 St, 106 St and 84 Avenue at 104 St. Learn more about how this initiative came to life here.

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