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If you are looking for a list of local businesses that are still open and operating during this time, please click the button below to learn more.

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Our fourth of five templates is live today - the category is DRINKS! Pubs, cafes, and specialty beverage shoppes have all been struggling over the past few months. Let’s show our favourites some serious love! What’s the first patio you will be sipping drinks on, whenever it is that you feel safe and ready to do so? Please remember to practice kindness and reserve judgement this week when some businesses are choosing to reopen! It’s a difficult decision and many owners have fears that their livelihood will collapse if they don’t do so. Check out our stories and get tagging! 💚 ...

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Our hearts go out to the service industry professionals who have not been deemed as “essential” at this time. Some businesses have been able to pivot and offer online options, but ones that are dependent on customer interactions (like hair dressers, estheticians, massage therapists, etc.) have definitely have been hit hard. Let’s rally together and show them some love. Comment below and use our story templates to tag your favourites! ...

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What a beautiful day! The warmer weather this past weekend had us missing patio season, but @nextactpub burgers in the safety of our balcony was a pretty great compromise. Which local patio do you miss most and can’t wait to hit up when this is all over? Tag them below! For now, we are grateful that take-out food, beer delivery services, and sunshine are all still readily available. •
(@nextactpub is open again for pick up Wednesday - Sunday, 2-9pm).

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