Placemaking Projects in Old Strathcona 2022-2023

We are adding more spaces and places for people across the business district.

Thanks to support from the Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) we are building new benches, bike racks and parklets that will be placed around Old Strathcona over the next year.

“The CCRF will allow us to create a more welcoming, inclusive, and enhanced visitor experience in Old Strathcona,” said Cherie Klassen, Executive Director of the OSBA.

“Over the last two years, we’ve heard from Edmontonians that additional public space increases the enjoyment of their visit, which then has a positive impact on our economic recovery. Edmontonians want our business district to be even more accessible and enjoyable to walk and shop.”

More from our executive director in our news release.

The 2022-2023 placemaking is a $250,000 project that will allow us to take what we’ve learned from sidewalk expansions in 2021 and additional pedestrian spaces in 2020 to provide more places to sit and talk, enjoy a summer treat, and enhance an already walkable and bikeable shopping and dining district.

After helping us with temporary enhancements the last two years, Vignettes Edmonton is back to design and install more permanent street furniture and parklets.

And we want your help to find the perfect places to put everything! Watch our website for updates on the project, including spring surveys where your feedback can help us identify where the new street furniture and parklets should go.

Update 6: Fall 2023 – First Parklet and a Media Announcement!

With the first parklet finally installed in front of Village Goods at 4am on a brisk autumn morning, we were ready to invite media and key stakeholders for a public announcement conference in the new parklet. Read more about what CTV and Global had to say about the new announcement!

There are four more parklets that are continuing construction and installation and we are looking forward to everything being finalized in a few weeks.

Update 5: Summer 2023 – Furniture Beginning To Populate The Streets

Supply chain issues have proven to be a bit of a struggle but the sidewalks of Old Strathcona are beginning to be filled by the furniture! All of our colourful bike racks were installed near the beginning of the summer along the main street, in the Back Street, and in West Ritchie as well. The first bench has also been placed this week with the rest waiting to be installed very shortly.

Parklets are approaching the final stages of their construction and are expected by the end of the month.

Update 4: Spring 2023 – New Street Furniture Arrives

Our bike racks, benches and parklets will be rolling out soon! The bike racks are ready to be installed this spring, and benches and bistro sets should follow before summer. Parklets will be installed this summer too, adding some extra vibrancy – not to mention seating – to the business district.

Check back here or follow us on social media for updates this spring and summer.

Here are a few sneak peek photos:

Update 3: Winter 2023 – Project Renderings

Here is a look at some renderings showing the design of the new benches, bike racks, and parklets – all being designed and manufactured locally! These are renderings only, and the final design, color and material specifications may differ from what is pictured here.

Update 2: August 2022 – What We Heard from Edmontonians

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our placemaking survey. Your feedback will help inform where we place new benches, bike racks, and parklets and some of the design elements that could be incorporated. Everything is still on track to be installed by spring 2023!

If you would like to read the report on survey and stakeholder engagement, click on the image below.

A map of the Old Strathcona business district with six colour-coded zones

Update 1: June 2022 – Public Survey

Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey and let us know where these items will help the most. Your feedback on locations, features and accessibility will help us make important decisions.

Here’s some inspiration as we look at placemaking possibilities in Old Strathcona:

This project is funded in part by the Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) and administered by Prairies Economic Development Canada.

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