Summer 2021 re-opening

(Updated July 2, 2021)

We know our businesses are excited to welcome you back to Old Strathcona for a safe and fun summer. As public health restrictions lift July 1, 2021, we can all work together to make this return successful.

Remember your mask

While it is no longer required to wear a mask indoors, many of our businesses will continue asking customers and clients to put on a mask. We also encourage folks to wear them wherever they are close to others, especially people from outside of your household. Even when you’re outside, it’s so handy to keep your mask on while you pop in and out of stores or grab a coffee.

We still need our space

Please be mindful of directional arrows inside of shops and stores and distancing markers where you can wait in line or for a curbside pickup. One of the best ways to keep each other safe from Covid-19 is to ensure at least 6-feet (2 metres) of distance between you and someone else. Even while walking down Whyte, try to give each other some space.

Our expanded sidewalks have returned this summer too! These can certainly be helpful for walking Whyte Ave. and if you’re using wheelchairs or mobility devices (so, no scooters, skateboards or bikes) when things get a bit crowded or there are patios to navigate. Take a seat, snap a sidewalk selfie and enjoy your space.

Check before leaving

As mentioned with masks, businesses may choose different rules for a little while, and some may choose to stay a step behind current public health restrictions to keep their staff and customers safe. Always check websites and social media feeds for updated hours and the latest guidelines for your favourite shops and restaurants.

Important! Please be kind to all employees asking you to follow the rules at their stores, restaurants and offices. It is up to individual businesses to decide how they’d like to proceed during this summer’s re-opening.

You may also want to make sure you know where to park your car, truck, bike or scooter. Nobody wants a parking ticket, and keeping the sidewalks clear for people walking is a great way to make a trip to Whyte Ave. more enjoyable for everyone. Edmonton Transit also began operating new routes this spring, so some of your usual buses may have changed their schedules.

Call ahead

Some personal, wellness, health and professional services will accept walk-in clients, and some may stick with appointment-only as the summer re-opening stages continue. A lot of these businesses will have backlogs of customers, so booking your appointment online or by phone are good ways to ensure you’ll get in. And please keep those appointments or cancel in advance, it helps the businesses see as many clients as possible as their capacities increase.

Curbside pickup sign for the businesses Vivid Print and Plaid Giraffe.

Buy online

Yes, you can still order dinner and new shoes from your couch, or check-in with a personal trainer. Restaurants will continue to offer delivery and takeout and stores have increased their curbside pickup and delivery options too. If you don’t feel comfortable heading out into the crowd just yet, these are excellent ways to keep supporting Old Strathcona businesses.

Tip: Check to see if the business is offering discounts on pickup orders!

Don’t forget that buying gift cards is always a good way to support your favourite places. The business gets some cash immediately and you get yourself a fun treat or needed service later.

Share the love

If you’re not already following your favourite spots on social media, what are you waiting for?! Engage with their content, tag in your friends, and leave reviews when you love a product or had a great experience. These actions help bring more engagement to their profiles and ultimately help new customers find them!

Be kind, Be patient

Things have not been easy since March of 2020, and there is still a lot to remember to do with masks, distancing and as business operations adjust, so the best thing we can all do is be patient with one another. This includes being kind to employees at any businesses you visit. They are doing the best they can to ensure the safety of you and their co-workers, please follow their lead and any instructions they offer.

Sidewalk stencil reads: Stand Together by Standing Apart

We look forward to making District Whyte an area that is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Please remember to call ahead or check websites and social media for business hours or other changes. The latest public health requirements will be posted to the Government of Alberta’s website.

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