Rainy Day in Old Strathcona

Old Strathcona is the prime place to walk around, check out local shops and eateries, but only on a sunny day, right? Nope.

I don’t think the weather can really get in the way of the unique experience this district has to offer. I think a rainy day on Whyte has a warm cozy vibe to it, despite the cooler drizzles. So here’s a few ideas to get you excited for a rainy day in Old Strathcona. 

Cafés are definitely a classic and Old Strathcona doesn’t disappoint in the options of that. I don’t know about you but that warm buzz in my chest after taking my first sip of a coffee or tea, truly makes my day. And to sit on a comfy chair in a beautiful café atmosphere with the smell of baked goods… mmhm, I can go on and on. Here’s a post to start you off with café ideas, but check out the others on our website directory.

To pair with your café experience, especially if you’re looking to take a break from the external world: a book chosen from one of our local book stores. The Wee Book Inn is quite a large bookstore so there are many options there. Plus you might see the store cat, Fleur. Two others to check out: The Edmonton Bookstore and Alhambra Books, each with different café’s nearby to complete your visit.  

The Edmonton Bookstore
Alhambra Books

Going to a restaurant is another simple option when it’s pouring outside; keeps you dry and fills your tummy. Warming foods like soups will hit perfectly, I’d recommend:

Honey BBQ Pork Noodle

Now if you’re wanting a more engaging rainy-day activity, Crankpots Ceramic Studios has some awesome deals on select days. Right now, Mondays and Fridays are free painting days, so getting on your creative side has gotten even easier. Go alone or with friends to enjoy a calming painting experience, with a ceramic piece you can show off at the end. To add, a unique relaxation experience would include going to Float House where with sensory deprivation, you can feel at peace with your body and mind.

Crankpots Ceramic Studios

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