Old Strathcona Fashion Report

It’s all too common to be enjoying a walkaround in Old Strathcona and noticing someone in an outfit that immediately causes FOMO to strike. If you feel like your closet is looking a little dull, here are some spots to help you ramp up your style game. 


If you’re looking to hit the streets with a fresh fit, streetwear is where it’s at. With their collection of tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories, Foosh is a great spot to pick up all your effortlessly cool clothing that will really have heads turning.

Wrinkled Clothing

Brunch with the girls means there will undoubtedly be a few photo sessions for Instagram. For a fit that says “make sure you get my good side,” Wrinkled Clothing is THE spot. Plus, you’ll be shopping sustainably, which is always a bonus! 

Goth Unite

If your style is more alterative, Goth Unite is everything you could ever dream of and more. Need the perfect look to own the dance floor at Buckingham? Their 6” platform shoes and chained cargo pants are sure to be perfect. 

Wild Rose Vintage

The morning coffee run calls for an “off-duty supermodel” fit, which an oversized graphic-tee is a staple of. Wild Rose Vintage is stocked full of the best graphics, so that you won’t have to spend hours thrifting one yourself. 

Elements Outfitters

For the outdoorsy type, Elements Outfitters is the one-stop shop for all things Filson and Patagonia. Located near the Strathcona Farmer’s Market, they have everything you need to fit in with the market crowd. For the chillier days, a Patagonia fleece pullover and london fog from your fav café and an unbeatable duo.  

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