Hi, I’m Karey!

Karey is a 1st year student at NAIT studying Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She loves learning about Whyte Avenue and is passionate about all of the one-of-a-kind things Whyte has to offer–such as the murals (she can name them all!), the gorgeous freshly painted rainbow crosswalks and of course all of the glorious food and drink that is offered here. She is really looking forward to helping plan this year’s Shop Hop to put her bursting sense of creativity to work (no spoilers yet, but it will be great…). Karey is incredibly excited about meeting so many new faces throughout the summer! She is really looking forward to experiencing her first Fringe Festival and sharing our mural maps far and wide.

Hi, I’m Keelyn!

Keelyn is a fourth year student at Macewan University majoring in History. As someone who has always had a passion for working with people (some may say she just enjoys talking…) she feels very lucky to be able to connect with so many Edmontonians this summer. Keelyn loves Whyte Avenue because of the sheer uniqueness it has to offer to kids, teenagers and adults alike. She also loves how the people of Old Strathcona truly wear their hearts on their sleeves and strive to be the best they can be no matter what. Keelyn says she is so lucky to be able to come to one of her favourite places and do one of her favourite things – connect with and meet people. She is also excited about the 42nd annual Fringe Festival which brings back memories of her grandparents brining her to the festival as a kid, it holds a lot of sweet & nostalgic memories, and the Streetcar of course!

See you soon

Both Karey and Keelyn are incredibly thrilled about working alongside some great people this summer – while getting to support such a fantastic community of businesses that exists right here on Whyte Avenue.

You’ll see more of these two out and about this summer, stay tuned!

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