A Summer in Old Strathcona

Ahh…summertime, it’s finally here. After a long winter indoors, a fun time relaxing in the sun and having some Old Strathcona fun is just what everybody needs. From patios & parklets to new bike racks, flowers & festivals – Old Strathcona is where it’s at this summer.

Patio & Pet Friendly Businesses

Patios, patios, patios! Need I say more? We have SO many great options it will be hard to choose but we have you covered. Spots like Julio’s Barrio or Tavern on Whyte are great for hanging out with friends. Pip just opened their patio for the first time in their new location too (don’t worry it’s only a quick hop across the street from their old home) and you can bring your dog too because it’s one of many pet friendly patios. Looking for more?

Check out patio map and look out for the paw symbol for pet friendly locations!

Barriers & Bike Racks

We like to put art on as much as we can around here. Thank to the City of Edmonton working with local artist Michelle Campos-Castillo patios with boardwalks have these beautifully painted concrete barriers to enhance the street. Michelle shared with us that the design features fluid shapes and patterns that are uniquely arranged from barrier to barrier. The line drawings tell a story of a stroll through the neighbourhood with dogs, drinks, ice cream & more.

Summer also means biking season – look out for the colorful new bike racks we recently installed throughout the neighbourhood. Next time you’re visiting Whyte Avenue by bike, you’ll have more bike parking options than ever with over 110 racks across the whole district. And more permanent infrastructure is on the way! Our placemaking project will soon see new benches, bistro tables and parklets installed too, creating an enhanced visitor experience. We can’t wait to see these locally designed and manufactured items come to life!

The Avenue Is Blooming

We love our rainbow crosswalks, not only because they are a symbol of inclusivity and Pride, but they are also really pretty. We have a few new locations this year too, you can snap a pic of these colorful crosswalks on 82 Avenue at 100 St, 101 St, 106 St and 84 Avenue at 104 St. Learn more about how this initiative came to life here.

Another sign summer has arrived – things are blooming! Our trusted local greenhouse partner Zocalo has delivered 100+ hanging barrels, baskets, and large planters throughout the neighbourhood as part of the Bloomin’ Boulevards program. We love to see these florals grow and bloom along the avenue all summer long and hope you do too!

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