What They Do

We are excited to welcome the Mustard Seed’s Street Team to the district! They will be out in the neighbourhood 7 days a week, offering resources and support to vulnerable community members.

“We strive for high touch client service by bringing resources directly to our local community members. We walk the Old Strathcona District with supplies every week from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Our goal is to give support and advocacy to our southside community members while partnering with our local businesses, offering them guidance and providing much needed resources.”  

Now let’s meet them!

Alicia Johnson

I joined the Mustard Seed as a Team Lead 6 months ago and have enjoyed getting to know the folks in our community and the workers who give them support. My background is in television and communications which has allowed me to connect with our community members on a deeper level, while supporting and actively listening to their needs and stories.

My experience will aid in creating relationships between local business owners in the community and the Mustard Seed through our work with the Street Team. I am most excited about working in our community and building bridges with our local businesses.

Kirby Joynt

I joined the Mustard Seed in January after a long career in the oil industry. As a sixties-scoop survivor, I grew up in rural Saskatchewan, not far from my home nation of Little Pine. I have lived in the Edmonton area for over 14 years and live with my partner Carolyn and our two fur babies. I have three adult children; two adult stepchildren and I am a Mosom to two grandchildren.

I am happy to be serving my community members and the community partners as part of the Mustard Seed Street team.

Raelene Goulet

I’m super excited to be on The Mustard Seed Street Team. I have a deep love for people and their stories and with my background in sociology and psychology I hope to make a meaningful contribution in our community. I’m looking forward to connecting with and advocating for our folks so they can access the resources they need and deserve.

I feel proud to support and work closely with the local businesses in the area. I myself worked many years as a manager for a local restaurant and look forward to reminiscing and living vicariously through many of you fellow foodies. Share a story and you’ll be sure to make me smile! Also, I love a good hi-five!

Prudence Nabude

My name is Prudence Nabude and I work for the Mustard Seed as a Street Team Worker and also serve as shelter Team lead as well as a Community Support Worker. I have worked with the Mustard Seed for two and a half years now and have been blessed to work at almost all the sites of the organization which has given me an opportunity to work around different people and how to deal with different situations.

My passion for working in this field can be traced back to my pre-professional days. Whether as a volunteer at reproductive health, Millennium Strides, and starting up a business venture to help teenage mothers back in Uganda.

I’ve been in the social service field from the start. The reason? I love making others be heard and know that they’re not any less valuable regardless of where they are from or what situation they are in. I hold an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in Social Development with over 7 years of working in Social Service. I am originally from Uganda and moved to Canada 2 and half years ago. My Positive attitude and tireless energy keep me going every day and makes me see good in the community I serve. I am inspired daily by at least one positive change made in someone’s life. In my free time, I like to listen to bible scriptures, play scrabble, chat with my family back home, and catch up with my friends.

Thank You!

A big thank you to this team for being engaged in supporting everyone who lives, works, and visits Old Strathcona. Please visit The Mustard Seed to learn more about their programs and support services!

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