What is an art bomb?

Okay, you might be wondering…what is an art bomb, anyways? Well, it’s often a somewhat spontaneous installation or display meant to create visual interest and creatively engage otherwise underused or unkept spaces!

If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that there are endless ways to creatively activate otherwise overlooked public spaces! Completing Rainbow Road this summer gave us a taste of how fun & inspiring Instagrammable spaces could be; and winter isn’t holding us back!

Standing beside benches covered in evergreen foliage, a young black woman shares a laugh.

Where to find our #WinterWhyte art bombs

If you find yourself exploring the avenue from November 20-23 look out for these winter-inspired Instagrammable spaces. Local floral artist Cory Christopher will be temporarily transforming our gazebo in McIntyre Park, a bench at the corner of Gateway Blvd and Whyte Avenue, the front of the Dominion Hotel, and 3 poster poles at 101St, 105St and 109St!

We can’t wait to embrace more creative activations all winter long! Be sure to snap your photos and tag us @oldstrathcona with #WinterWhyte!

The balcony of the Dominion Hotel is adorned with evergreen planters and a giant wreath.

Meet Cory

Cory Christopher is the creative mind and dynamic personality behind his namesake lifestyle brand and design company. Growing up on a tree farm just north of Edmonton instilled him with a tireless work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and a deeply rooted passion for seeing things grow and blossom. Dreams of art and performing drew Cory to study Opera at Queen’s University in Toronto, where he developed an even greater appreciation for the powerful potential of immersive experiences and storytelling. But the fields of possibility called him home to Edmonton, and it wasn’t long before the Cory Christopher Design Studio was born. Cory believes that everyone holds within them a creative spark, and he enthusiastically inspires everyone he meets to explore their potential – always growing, exploring new mediums, and proving that anything you can dream of is possible.

Wearing a reindeer sweater, Cory works on a holiday decoration

The Studio

Established in 2009, Cory Christopher Design is a multi-faceted creative studio that has evolved into the ultimate destination for those who dream of unforgettable celebrations, immersive installations, and joy-inducing moments of beauty. Drawing upon expertise from many disciplines and working with an incredibly talented team of collaborators, the Cory Christopher team seeks to elevate experiences at every level, whether delivering everyday floral arrangements, curating inspiring vignettes, constructing fantastical holiday scenes, bringing breathtaking weddings to life, and anything else you can imagine in between. In pursuit of our passion for adding magic and beauty to each and every day, we are so excited about our latest endeavour to grow the Cory Christopher online shop, allowing us to share our signature style and favourite finds with our valued clients and new friends.

About PARK

PARK is a community-oriented platform dedicated to uplifting and celebrating local entrepreneurs, small businesses, artists, and creatives across Canada by raising awareness, and creating opportunities, spaces, and experiences. Over the past few years, PARK has been working closely with local artists to create beautiful and experiential murals and art installations in community spaces. These opportunities allow artists to share their work with larger audiences and build sustainable practices while supporting Canadian businesses and providing a piece of cultural identity to Western Canada.

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