What is an Instagrammable Wall?

We recently partnered up with Linda Hoang to host an Instagrammable Wall Tour of Old Strathcona! What is an Instagrammable Wall, you ask? You know when you’re inspired to snap a photo of a mural, or grab a selfie in front of a cool & colourful wall? That’s exactly what makes it Instagrammable! And our neighbourhood is PACKED with unique public art that fits the bill! We love that you can find amazing murals tucked away in alleys or on the back side of buildings where you might not expect it!

But it’s not just about the art

What goes well with art…food, of course! Linda’s tours often include food stops and this was no exception. Participants received a swirl of Yelo’d Filipino inspired ice cream, crispy DangerKat Waffles, and a taste of Venezuela at Avila Arepa!

It’s not just murals that will catch your attention though, the entire storefront at DangerKat Waffles is photo worthy. And of course we can’t forget the recently completed Rainbow Road in Spurline Alley.

Show us your favourite murals!

Take a scroll through the #IGWallsOfYEG hashtag on Instagram for a closer look at some of our amazing mural locations. Check out Linda’s Guide to Instagrammable Walls of Edmonton, and tag @oldstrathcona on social media with your favourite walls in the district!

Participants were encouraged to wear masks outside; and required when entering any business as per the recent City of Edmonton bylaw. Smaller groups of 10, allowed us to keep the necessary distance while we explored the neighbourhood! Thank you to all the participants who safely enjoyed exploring the district, with masks and sanitizer in hand!

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