Food That’s Really Too Good To Go

As of now, more than 1/3 of all food that is produced is wasted EVERY year… this equates to nearly 2.5 BILLION TONS of total food loss (WWF Report, 2021). Grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes are getting in on this issue and finding ways to divert food waste in their stores. We were excited to learn how one app is making it easier for businesses to offer unsold goods at discounted rates AND save food from going to the dump. A done deal for sure.  

How does it work?

The Too Good To Go app is a game-changer and their purpose is to “make sure good food gets eaten, not wasted.”

Once it’s close to closing time, participating businesses will pack up unsold food and as a customer you’ll be able to reserve a surprise bag on the app. What do we mean by surprise bag? Adding to the fun, businesses don’t know exactly what’ll be leftover at the end of the day, so whatever ends up in the bag is a surprise…and altogether, it’s sold at about half price! This gives you a chance to try something new at a reduced price, or just score a good deal at the end of the day.

Get Started

First, download the Too Good To Go app and then see which businesses are offering goodie bags in your location. Once you place your order, it’s reserved for you! The anticipation awaits, and after picking up the bag at your scheduled time, you finally get to devour these goodies with a happy bank account. Mavi, the Manager over at PACT Coffee, says “it’s a great way to try new foods at a lower risk” because of the discounted prices on the bags. 

Possible food items found in the bags from Pablo Cheese Tart

PACT’s surprise bags are usually available every evening. Things to expect are baked goods, with the most common item being donuts. You’ll find other Old Strathcona businesses on the app too, like Sugared & Spiced, Pablo Cheese Tart, and Tokyo Express. Look out for new participating locations in the future, and if you spot a Too Good To Go decal on the front doors of a business- check the app to see what’s available. But act quickly, these bags usually sell out fast! 

For businesses interested in diverting food waste, Adam, co-owner at Wafflebird shares, “there’s really more to gain than to lose by trying it.” He agrees it’s nice to get at least a little bit of revenue back while keeping their unsold goods out of the garbage. Mavi mentioned that oftentimes this initiative brings in first-time customers, so it also helps with spreading awareness of their new business. They also shared that the staff at Too Good To Go are supportive, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out directly through their website.

Whether you are a customer or a business, we can all do our part in helping to save perfectly good food from hitting our landfills. It’s crucial to helping reduce the impact of global food waste. After all, it really is Too Good To Go!

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