Drama…but IRL

Want to take a break from screens but still want to watch some drama? Live theatre may just be the way to go. Not only is it a great alternative to watching TV, but it also gives you an excuse to make it a whole night out! It’s also the perfect way to support local artists right here in Old Strathcona.

Varscona Theatre Alliance

10329 83 Ave NW, T6E2C6 | @varsconatheatre

This repurposed fire hall, which is home to four resident theatre companies, Teatro La Quindicina, Shadow Theatre, Varscona Theatre Ensemble, and Die Nasty, holds a lot of thrill from shows with romance, comic mystery, and soap opera. They also host raffles with big prizes and an opportunity to become a member, giving you a voice in what’s going on behind the scenes in this theatre community.

Northern Lite Theatre

Another non-profit theatre, committed to shedding light on controversial topics and getting deep about the human condition. If you’re looking to expand your perspective, this theatre is one to consider. 

10816 84 Ave NW, Unit 203T6E2B3 | Northernlighttheatre.com & Facebook

Fringe Theatre

10330 84 Ave NW, T6E2G9 @edmontonfringe

The Fringe almost needs no introduction and is no stranger to the neighbourhood, known for its iconic summer festival. But did you know that Edmonton’s Fringe is the largest AND longest running Fringe Theatre Festival in North America?! It’s a true hub of performance, story telling, and community collaboration. And it’s home to more than just theatre after they opened the Fringe Grounds Cafe on site in 2020. This space is a mixed-use space for theatre shows, community events, and coffee! You can catch a variety of shows hosted here all year round, check out the schedule here.

Grindstone Theatre

Hungry and looking to be entertained all together? Well, here you have it, a local theatre and bistro where they have an artsy dine-in set up. This non-profit organization prevails by offering improv, sketch comedy, talk shows, magic, burlesque, musical theater, and the list can go on.  The options are endless here, so no fret in finding something for you! 

10019 81 Ave NW, T6E1W7 | grindstonetheatre.ca & @grindstonetheatre

Walterdale Theatre

0322 83 Ave NW, T6E5C3 | @walterdaletheatreassociates

This theatre is primarily operated by volunteers, which goes to show the passion and dedication to supporting local theatre. They also make it a priority to maintain reasonable ticket prices, to still have the chance to enjoy some quality shows within a budget!  

Enjoy the amazing energy from these live performances! And if you have any specific recommendations for shows to watch, shout us out on Instagram or Facebook @oldstrathcona & check out our business directory for more!

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