Find Your Niche in Old Strathcona

As we begin to regain some normalcy in our lives, many of us will be reuniting with friends that we haven’t seen in-person in a long time. During your time apart, you may come to realize that your friends have all picked up cool new interests and hobbies; meanwhile the only thing you achieved was binge watching two seasons of Bridgerton. If this seems to be the case for you, here are some places in Old Strathcona that you can visit to discover your new niche. 


Getting together for a classic summer BBQ and want to impress your friends? Knifewear provides a variety of chef-quality kitchen tools, with a specialization in high performance Japanese Knives. Nothing screams “master chef” more than a high-performance meat cleaver. 

Cocktail Culture

If your style is more-so behind the bar rather than behind the BBQ, then Cocktail Culture is just the place for you. They have all the necessary tools like shakers, glassware and ingredients to craft the perfect cocktail.  

Ace Coffee Roasters

If you are looking to keep things dry, become your own barista with help from Ace Coffee Roasters. Their West Ritchie Location offers Professional Coffee Making Classes with one-on-one coaching from a professional barista. They also offer unique coffee gear to get that perfect cup at home. 

All Seasons Garden Centre

If you want to impress your friends with your space, All Seasons Garden Centre is a great place to assist you in livening up your home. It isn’t too late to get your “green thumb” on and plant a beautiful flower garden. Or if you want something that will last year-round, they also carry indoor house plants. 


If you are more of the collector type, Stylus is a stationery aficionado’s dream come true. They carry unique fountain pens in different shapes, sizes and colors that will really show “Paul from the office” who’s boss. 

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